England - Wie Meinungsbildung in der Demokratie von England gemacht wird.....

Mittwoch, 22. März 2023 , von Freeman-Fortsetzung um 10:47

Einfach nur schrecklich......................

Genau so wie bei uns. Frank Zappa sagte es richtig:

" Die Politik ist die Unterhaltungsabteilung der Industrie "

The more you watch ruling class narratives play out, the deeper the collusion appears to go. Just the other day in the UK parliament, a brave MP stood up to give a speech calling for an urgent investigation into vaccine injuries based on the governments own reporting system data. An interesting speech by itself. Just before he was about to speak about the health impacts of the government’s own health recommendations, every other MP in the chamber walked out of the room, which of course tells its own story. What was most curious though, was when someone from the government side was tapped on the shoulder as if on cue, slunk over to the opposition benches to say something that caused them to promptly leave. Collusion in a conspiracy? Bribery? Blackmail? It seems more like a globalist uniparty pantomime every day!

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