Ukrainische "Elite" - Korrupt, Geld ins Ausland schaffen und zu Hause die Leute verrecken lassen

Freitag, 1. Juli 2022 , von Freeman-Fortsetzung um 18:25


Poroschenko offenbar in einem Luxushotel in London gesichtet. DAS sind Führer.

Gefasst an der ukrainischen Grenze....

Wie die Ukrainische "Elite" Deine Steuergelder ausgeben.................

Armeehelikopter im Ausland vermieten, wohl bald auch amerikanisches Kriegsgerät......

The SBU detained in Kiev the CEO of an airline that leased 10 military transport helicopters from the Internal Troops and sublet them in Africa for many years (since 2002). We are talking about the Mi-8MT and Mi-8MTV models.

With the introduction of martial law, the helicopters had to be returned to the National Guard, but the company did not do this, continuing to earn on commercial flights.

And the fact that the National Guard leased military property does not bother anyone???

Soon, Western MANPADS and javelins will also be leased to Kurdish rebels, for example, If they have not already done so💁‍♀️

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