9/11: Time for a second look in Lucerne

Samstag, 9. Mai 2009 , von Freeman-Fortsetzung um 12:00

Report for our English speaking friends:

On the May 7 Professor David Ray Griffin came to Lucerne Switzerland on his tour through Europe that took him to Paris, Brussels and Madrid, and several other cities for an evening under the motto: “9/11 Time for a second look”.

As leading figure in the world wide 9/11 truth movement it was an honour to welcome him and listen to his speech live and in person. At the same time I grabbed the opportunity because of the currentness of the topic and also invited Professor Dr. Niels Harrit to our event, who published together with eight other scientists their paper about nano-thermite that they found in the dust of ground zero. That both respected personalities would inform us in the same evening was a special experience.

On a beautiful sunny day the first attendees arrived in the afternoon from near but also from the neighbouring countries Germany, Austria and Italy. Some even came with their camper and used the parking lot to stay overnight.

The event started at 7 pm and the hall was full, so we began with the lecture of Professor Griffin, who informed us about the latest developments regarding 9/11. He told us that more and more scientists, engineers, architects, pilots, lawyers, medical professionals and politicians are joining the truth movement who doubt the official story. As an example he said, more then 640 architects and engineers have signed with their names, who say the official reason for the collapse of the three WTC buildings is impossible and ask for a new investigation. On the other side, there are only three who support the official version, and they are dependent on the government for their salary. The chances are getting better that a new investigation will take place. Therefore we must increase our effort to inform the people and to motivate them to join one of the specialized branches of the 9/11 truth movement.

After the break the evening continued with Dr. Harrit, who explained in a very understandable and humorous way the chemical formulas and reactions, the composition of nanao-thermite, how explosives work, how nano-thermite was found in the dust and that there is only one explanation for finding it there, it was used as an explosive to bring down the three buildings. The lecture was so capturing that we stopped at 10 pm for dinner and then at 11 pm he continued for another hour. The knowledge that he passed on regarding this new subject was so interesting, everybody remained glued to his seat.

After the lecture groups of people formed and hot discussions started. There where some journalists present who showed lots of interest and wanted to know more. At 1:30 am I had to close the event otherwise we could have gone on till morning.

This evening was something special with a crowd of 130 people getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere, where we could meet and discuss with the experts directly in person. With nearly 8 hours we had plenty of time for intensive talks, and we were able to shoot photos and videos of our “heroes” . With the latest information and full of motivation the people who attended returned home with a smile on their face.

Professor Dr. Harrit: "From Towers To Dust" lecture:

Here the interview with Professor Griffin the next morning:

Interview with Professor Dr. Niels Harrit - Part I:

Interview with Professor Dr. Niels Harrit - Part II:

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